What is Spiritualism?

To me, Spiritualism is not a religion but a belief in God the Creator, but without all of the burden of organised religious dogma and their sometimes fear-based sermonising.  It gives the Spiritualist a unique perspective on life.

  1. It provides the belief in a greater being that created our universe and all that it contains, including us, without having the views of a religious order being forced upon you.
  2. It does not impose strict rules on how or where God should be worshipped.
  3. It does not require you to channel your access to God through an intermediary such as a priest, vicar, rabbi, imman or other religious leader, or even go to a church.
  4. It provides proof that there is indeed life after death (or life after life as some would describe it).
  5. It takes away the fear of death and dying, as we know that when we leave our earthly body, we go to a much better place where there is no conflict, poverty, starvation etc.
  6. Spirit works only in unconditional love, without prejudice.
  7. There is no requirement to believe in God or the Spirit world to receive their healing.

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