Body, Mind and Soul Healing



I have been blessed to work with Spirits Matthew, Father Francis, John, Joseph, Eduard and others to carry out healing for all kinds of physical, emotional and soul problems, often where conventional surgeons, doctors, psychotherapists or physiotherapists have done all they can for them.  The work that my guides carry out is very gentle and clients will often feel a great sense of calm and tranquility during and after the session.  My Guides will work on multiple issues during the Healing session, and they will know the order in which the conditions need to be resolved.

You can be treated at my healing centre in Shenfield, Essex if you are able to travel to me.  You can be treated on a therapy couch, or a normal chair if your condition does not permit you to lie on a couch, and you remain fully clothed throughout the healing.  There is step-free access if your movement is impaired or if you use a wheelchair.


If you are unable to travel or live far away, or even if you live in another country, my guides will be able to treat you remotely by a live video/telephone link with me at a mutually agreed time and day.  I also offer a money-back guarantee on your first Distance Healing session.  For details please see the Distance Healing page.


Spirit Surgeon Matthew


Matthew was not a surgeon when he was on Earth some 2,000 years ago but has been working in the Spirit world for the past 300 years to develop and perfect his skills in this work.  He is my main guide and directs and organises the other Spirit guides in the work to be done.

Spiritual Surgery is similar to conventional surgery, but is carried out by Spirit Surgeon Matthew who uses Spirit instruments that are invisible to the layman but are often seen or felt by those with clairvoyant or clairsentient abilities.  Even people who do not have Spiritual gifts can sometimes feel the work going on.

Matthew passes these instruments directly into the body through my hands.  Because he does not have to cut into the body to use them,  there is no trauma or blood loss that is associated with conventional operations and he is often able to help where conventional surgeons would deem the operation as being too risky.  The Spiritual instruments that are used are many years in advance of those used by conventional surgeons, and are not restricted to the conventional laws of physics and physiology.  Where special knowledge or skill is required for a particular condition, Matthew will request the assistance of specialist Spirit Surgeons who will operate alongside of him.  For each ‘operation’ there are many Spirit specialists who assist in the work including technicians, nurses, anaesthetists etc.

The operations are very gentle and very rarely there is some discomfort felt until the person's body adjusts to the changes.


Spirit Father Francis - Mind Healer


Father Francis was last on Earth approximately 800 years ago and now works with me to carry out emotional healing.

Father Francis removes negative thoughts, emotions and energies from the mind and the aura (energy body).  I do not need to know what the client's negative issues are (nor do I wish to intrude), but Father Francis is able to resolve these problems gently and without the need to re-open old emotional wounds, or by trying to remember what triggered the issues.  I feel the negativity being removed in waves of energy that pass in front of me.

Emotional healing often gives the recipient an inner strength to be able to deal with what life throws at them.

I have also found that some physical ailments have their roots in emotional trauma, and that when the negative emotion is removed, the pain disappears.


Spirit John - Soul Healer


John was also here some 2,000 years ago and now works to provide healing for the Soul/Spirit as well as emotional healing to complement Father Francis’ work and physical healing to complement Matthew’s work.

When we experience a break up of a relationship or the death of a loved one, we often feel that part of our Soul has gone with them.

The Soul is an integral part of the physical body, and if it is fractured, or there are 'holes' in it, the physical body will be affected.  This is not something that is understood by conventional surgeons, doctors etc. who treat the body as a jigsaw of separate parts, but it is well understood by those who work with energy and ethereal treatments. 

Soul healing is the most important part of the road to wellness.  If the Soul is not complete, the healing will not be effective or complete.

John provides gentle healing to repair the fractured Soul and make the person feel whole again.  Shamans refer to this as Soul Retrieval.


Spirit Microsurgeon Eduard


Eduard was a German surgeon around the time of the First World War when he was last on Earth, and now works with Matthew to carry out microsurgery when required as part of the healing work.

Spirit Joseph


Joseph walked the Earth around 3,600 years ago.  He now works to

give people a new outlook on life and renewed purpose.

Spirit Monk


I have a Spirit guide that works with me who has not visited the Earth plane before.  He presents himself in a monk's habit but he does not have a face and he does not have a name.  He is a very strong guide and seems to have the energy of many of the guides linked together.  He is part of the healing team.

Can Spiritual Healing help me?

My Spirit Guides have helped many different people with many different conditions, and you can read some of the feedback on the Testimonials page.

I continue to be amazed at the work of Matthew, Father Francis, John, Joseph, Eduard and all the other Spirit helpers, but I also understand that many people will not have heard of this type of healing or may be skeptical about the whole thing.  You may find some of the answers to your questions in the Frequently Asked Questions page, but if not, please email me via the Contact page and I will gladly answer your questions directly.

I am happy to discuss any aspect of our work and provide a free initial consultation for you to determine if Spiritual healing is appropriate for you.


The Spirit Guide portraits of Matthew, Father Francis, Joseph and Eduard

were drawn by psychic artist Raye Edwina Brown

The Spirit Guide portrait of John was drawn by psychic artist Tony Cruddas