Cancer and illness

Please note that under the Cancer Act of 1939, only medically qualified people in the UK are allowed to diagnose and treat cancer.  Other countries have similar laws.  I am not medically qualified and do not offer to diagnose or treat cancer.


The diagnosis of cancer or other illnesses and the prognosis (the expected outcome), can often have a devastating effect on the well-being and mental state of the patient immediately, and long before any treatment has begun.  My Guides can help with the shock of the diagnosis or prognosis, and can assist you with your journey whether you choose conventional treatment or not.  I would recommend my Guides' work as a first resort rather than a last resort.


It is believed by many experts that a significant factor in the cause of illness is long-term or severe emotional stress or emotional wounding.  These stressors could be financial (too little, or even too much money), work situation, relationship breakdown, divorce, anger, death of a close friend or loved one, rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice, betrayal, or pending court case among others.  It may be that a number or combination of these stressors have impacted on your well-being.


From my own experience, my father was in the process of a stressful divorce from my mother after many years of marriage and was diagnosed with cancer, which he later died from.  My grandfather had lost a large sum of money he was entrusted with, and did not have the means to repay it.  He died of cancer not long after.  My best friend had a lot of inner anger issues.  He ended up with a brain tumour and died on Christmas day in 2012.


This is not to say that the sole cause of illness or cancer is your past or present emotional state, but I believe that it is a significant factor.  What affects the mind, will also affect the body and the soul, as they are all integrated.  My guides can complement your conventional treatment by helping you with your emotional state before, during or after your treatment.  Helping your emotional well-being can have a positive effect on your treatment outcome, although nothing can be guaranteed as there are many other factors involved.


They can also help with the emotional pain of bereavement.  If you have lost someone and are struggling emotionally, my guides can help calm your mind and help you cope with your loss.


Chemical and dietary stress can also contribute to ill health.  There are many pesticides, herbicides and hormone disrupters used in growing the food that you buy if it is not organic.  There are many chemicals in cigarette smoke.  There are many chemicals in packaging plastics that leach into our food if heated (oven or microwave).  Most personal care and hygiene products are laden with chemicals.  The air in our cities, towns and roads is heavily polluted with exhaust fumes that we breathe in.  Some chemical ingestion is unavoidable, but it makes sense to eliminate as much as possible, as soon as possible, to do all you can to avoid illness in the first place.  Also, no one has investigated the cumulative effect of exposure to a combination of multiple chemicals over time.  It is a fact that countries with cleaner air, cleaner food and less stress have a far lower incidence of illness and cancer than the 'developed' Western society.  There are many websites that can give you information on achieving a healthier lifestyle.  It is your choice.


You can be treated at my healing centre in Shenfield, Essex if you are able to travel to me.  You can be treated on a therapy couch, or a normal chair if your condition does not permit you to lie on a couch, and you remain fully clothed throughout the healing.  There is step-free access if your movement is impaired or if you use a wheelchair.


If you are unable to travel or live far away, or even if you live in another country, my guides will be able to treat you remotely by a live video or telephone link with me at a time and day to suit you.  I offer a money-back guarantee on your first Distance Healing session.  For more information or to make an appointment, please see the Distance Healing page.