"First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to you and the world of spirit for the wonderful healing.  My arthritis is much more manageable and I'm free of pain.  The depression which hit me like a cloud has lifted completely.  The skin rash has also been healed.

I am so thankful to my lovely friend Pat who recommended you.

R.S. - Forest of Dean



"I noticed my eyesight (the right eye) fast going downhill so went to the Optician. As part of the process photos from behind the eyes were taken, these showed what the Optician called a “mini eye stroke” and he advised me to go to the hospital a.s.a.p. and preferably on the same day.

The NHS hospital gave me an appointment approximately three weeks later!

They confirmed the diagnosis and called it an “Optical Occlusion” (Blockage in the blood vessel of the eye). They were going to ‘monitor’ me and said if it got worse then eventually they could inject the eye direct (to what end result I do not know!).

As it was I could see but with blurring around the peripheral vision.

I decided to try Ed Pearson and his spirit team. The result, from a distance with Ed at the end of the phone and me lying on the bed at home with eyes closed relaxing was amazing. In 20-30 minutes when he told me the session was over I opened my eyes and tested the right eye and where previously my vision was blurred at the periphery, it was back to how it previously was, clear.

It remains excellent compared to how it was a few weeks on. In fact, the general eyesight may have improved, but I can’t say for sure.

I have since gone again to the same Optician and had the photos taken and these revealed and confirmed the clearance of the Optical Occlusion and I saw on the screen the comparative photos. The originals with no light showing and the new ones how they ought to be.

Do I recommend Ed Pearson and his spirit team? Most assuredly, “yes”, it is totally genuine, as is Ed".

J. McQ. – Isle of Wight



"I do not know Ed, I do not know what he is doing, and until a couple of months ago I had absolutely no clue of what a Spiritual Surgeon is, and does. In fact I did not even know that those two words could be put together in the same sentence. However after suffering for over 20 years of acid reflux, severe ulcer and stomach pain I decided to contact Ed. I got his website from a friend, who simply said: …since you have tried every medication available on the market, and you also tried herbs and acupuncture, you might want to try this too, you have nothing to lose!!!

After 3 sessions my ulcer was gone (if is still there it does not bother me any longer), my stomach pains are almost completely gone and I do not have acid reflux anymore, not even after drinking coffee, wine or beer. After 20 years of battling with my ulcer I can finally sleep all night, and have a normal life. I can only say I big thank you to Ed and to his Guides. I still do not know who they are, what they do, where they are, how they do it. What I know for sure is that the results I am experiencing are absolutely amazing!!!! I will definitely keep his number".

R.N. of Eastleigh



"Hi everyone, if you are reading this, then know that it is no accident that you are here. My adventures guided me to a wonderful interview with Ed in 'Two Worlds' magazine. I knew straight away that his work with the guides was beyond cutting edge and true.

My health challenge was fibroids. In the doctors words, I was “riddled with them", including a huge one pushing into my bladder making me go to the bathroom all the time. My menstrual cycles were like something out of a horror movie.

I had distance surgery and I would like to thank Ed. He is such a warm and genuine person, who is clearly in deep service. He answered all of my questions and made me feel completely relaxed. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to his Guides. Since my surgery I no longer go to the bathroom all the time and my menstrual cycle is radically changed for the better.

Thank you so much. May you all be blessed".

K.C. of London



"I am an 82 years young design engineer of rocket motors for the Rapier missile.  I spent many years at the drawing board and had suffered with severe neck pains for the past 35 years, which I managed with the use of pain killers.

In early July 2017 I asked for the help of Ed’s Spirit doctors.  I am glad to say that after two remote ‘operations’ there has been a reduction in pain of 90-95%.  I get the odd crack of a dry neck bone but the pain is almost all gone.  Thanks to the Spirit doctors".

K.D. of Kidderminster.



"I was introduced to the idea of Spiritual Surgery through my local Spiritualist church, which led me to get in touch with Ed.  All my life I had suffered with a larynx problem that made my voice weak, and talking difficult.  I had tried to talk to different doctors about my problem but they couldn't understand, or I guess they just didn't have the tools to treat it.  Having been misunderstood many times I was nervous to contact Ed, however I needn't have worried.  He was ever so easy to talk to and the treatment is ever so relaxing, if a little mysterious!  The Spirit healers that work with Ed seem to have an instant knowledge of exactly what is wrong, so even if you are completely confused by your symptoms, you don't need to worry.  I have been given a new lease of life, which has left me feeling that I just want to learn more about the relationship between the Spirit world and our physical one, as I am in awe of what is possible through this work.  No one needs to suffer or feel hopeless".

Oliver, Ipswich.



"I have been suffering with post-traumatic stress syndrome for many years.

Recently due to family issues, my symptoms became unbearable.

I was recommended to see Ed for healing.  As I don’t live in the UK, it was not easy for me to visit him. However, Ed told me that he could do distant healing. I thought I had nothing to lose, and I agreed to have some sessions.

After the first session I felt a big difference. My energy level increased, and I felt an inner strength I hadn’t felt for years. I was a lot less stressed as well.

I had another healing a week later, which further increased my energy level and my inner strength. I felt much more in control, less stressed and my sleep improved greatly.

All these positive changes continue. 

I am extremely grateful to Ed; I am not sure where I would have been today if it wasn’t for his help".

G.B. of Norway



"I first met Ed about two and a half years ago when I saw him demonstrating his work. I was curious to find out more, and I decided to have a treatment with him.

I have for years suffered with excessive stress which led to insomnia,  digestive issues and weight gain.  Initially I had two sessions, and I felt much calmer afterwards. I could feel energy going through my body as Ed and his guides were doing their work on me.

I have recently contacted him again, and I have had a couple of sessions of distance healing. Due to circumstances in the family, I have been under quite a lot of stress recently, which led to lack of sleep, digestive issues flaring up and pain/tension in my shoulders. After the first session I felt much calmer, I slept better and the tension in my shoulders was a lot less. During the second session I could feel that a “big lump” was removed from my abdominal area (our energy centre), and the “empty” feeling was incredible. I felt calm, happy and energetic. The pain and tension in my shoulders were gone as well!

I am so grateful to Ed and his guides for their wonderful work!"

I.H. of Buckinghamshire



"After years of looking at Ed's advert in the Two Worlds magazine, and at the end of

my tether with the 'narrow visioned' NHS - I decided I had nothing to lose. Made the appointment and went with an open mind. Ed made me feel at ease and within minutes of 'treatment' I could feel like a knitting needle being inserted into the lump in my throat which had been causing swallowing and sleep problems. The 'needle' was inserted 4/5 times (no pain or discomfort at all) as if pulling something out.

Four days after the visit I felt things were different and touched the area where the lump had been - it had shrunk.... after another 4 days it had gone completely. This fact has been confirmed by my chiropractor (who was the first one to notice it 10 years ago) and on a trip to my dentist, also known for 10yrs, he said your neck is different, the lump's gone.   How did you do that? he enquired. I told him, and knowing me he didn't bat an eyelid.  So now I can swallow without having to concentrate on the action and sleeping is easier without feeling I have a golf ball on my throat.

I am optimistic that further visits to see 'the team' will help with other incurable but manageable issues I have to make life easier day to day".

L.L. of Middlesex



"Having had a lower back problem for 16 years after an injury at work, I had six months of physiotherapy including traction twice a week, then physiotherapy on occasion for sciatica.  The medical profession said there was no more they could do as the L2 and L3 discs were damaged.  Having previously had Spiritual healing for this problem I decided that I would have a Spiritual operation.  This took place on the Isle of Wight on 17th July 2010.  Since this operation I have been able to work without any problems.  This includes my physical job as an aerospace engineer and a DIY project of converting a 3 bedroom house into 4 flats.

 I would just like to say that being pain-free for the first time in 16 years is nothing short of miraculous".

Peter Cobain - Isle of Wight.


"Just to say thank you very much for the operation and healing over the past weeks.  I feel a hundred times better, and I can move forward with my life.  You have done a wonderful job.  Thank you so much.  With much love".

C.S. of Kent



"I have had long term bursitis and sinus problems, including slight hearing loss.  Ed and Mathew's healing has really helped".

Joy Youngman of Hove



"I was very pleased to have made the decision to come and see you last Friday.  You made me feel very relaxed and I trusted you.  I felt immediately better after my treatment.  Thank you very much for being there for me 100% and for your work, letting the guides do what they needed.  You must be very proud of your wonderful, hard-earned achievements.  It was also wonderful to learn that a beautiful angel came to join us.  Thank you also Ed for asking Matthew to visit me in the dreamtime.  I know something happened as the little problem has completely disappeared.  Bless him".

S.E. of East Sussex.



"In November 2009, I went to a psychic surgery demonstration quite doubtful of the process yet with an open mind about it. Within minutes of Ed channelling the spirit's energy, I felt a powerful wave of energy in the room. I felt so blown away by the intensity of the experience that I decided to book myself for a surgery. My right ankle was badly damaged from a high fall as a teenager and due to compensation when walking and standing for 20 years, pain and inappropriate back posture were part of my every day life. I also wanted to free myself from negative feelings I was holding on to. After the 1st psychic surgery session my life was already so different. I am now free of physical and emotional pain. I am grateful for the chance of witnessing and benefiting from such an amazing spiritual experience. I feel like the “hand of God” has touched me".

N.N. of Brighton



"I have had a health condition for twenty years which has required regular hospital consultations. I have tried many complementary healing methods in an attempt to totally alleviate this condition with varying results. After having had only one treatment this condition has improved tremendously and I am hoping that this very positive change will be sustained".

J.S. of Cambridgeshire.